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Cape Cod is a famous peninsula that juts from the eastern coast of Massachusetts into the Atlantic Islands. The Cape and the nearby islands are famous as both historic sites and tourist vacation spots. It combination of climate, geography, and historical development (and preservation) make it a beautiful destination for trips of any length, especially during the summer.

One of the most notable features of the Cape is that it is noticeably undergoing erosion, slowly changing its coastline as the ocean and land interact. This serves as a beautiful reminder of ecological balance, and how nature and people interact. Leo’s Soap is all-natural, which means it minimizes harmful effects on the natural environment. Its ingredients list does not include harsh chemicals, which take time to biodegrade. Leo’s Soap is completely biodegradable, since it is completely made up of all natural ingredients. All of this means less of an ecological impact than typical laundry soaps. Plus it will get your whites whiter, your colors brighter, and your clothes so soft you don’t have to buy fabric softener.
Cape Cod, MA