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Worcester, MA 01602
Newton, MA is a small city located about seven miles outside of downtown Boston. It has been recognized by various publications as one of the best places to live in the United States over the years. It’s only about an hour from Leo’s Soap in Worcester, MA-- depending on traffic, of course!

Newton is home to several lakes, ponds, scenic routes, and riverfront property. All of that beautiful natural scenery is a great reminder of the advantages of Leo’s Soap. Its all-natural ingredients mean less stress on the environment. Since Leo’s Soap is biodegradable, it doesn’t take extra energy to break it down or “clean it up” for disposal. Plus, it gets your clothes so soft you don’t have to use fabric softeners-- saving you money, and the environment from waste. It’s earth-friendly three times over!

And Leo’s Soap still does a superb job cleaning your laundry. It gets your colors brighter, your whites whiter, your fabrics softer, and everything smelling fresher. Try a container of Leo’s hypoallergenic laundry detergent today. Or, if you have any questions, contact us at 866-755-0334.
Newton, MA